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Amperity RealCDP Audit Report (Amperity)

This CDP system is an Enterprise level CDP for B2C companies and comes in four modules. The base module is DataGrid, a Customer Data Infrastructure platform that is delivered with any of the three AMP modules: 1) AmpID (Customer ID Management), 2) Amp360 (Unified Customer Profiles), and 3) AmpIQ (point & click Customer Intelligence and Activation). Companies can purchase any of the three Amp modules separately or together (again, DataGidincluded). The complete solution (all 3 modules) provides the capability to ingest, store, unify, enrich, analyze and activate customer data at any level of granularity. There are distinct user interfaces for IT, analytics, and marketing. DataGrid allows for no-ETL data ingestion and makes self service data integration easy with virtually any customer data source: changes can be made in sandboxes. Unified customer profiles based on a 1st party customer identity graph are available through the AmpIDmodule. No code data management capabilities in Amp 360 allow end-users to easily build and share data sets. The system supports unlimited amounts of data of any kind in AWS or Azure. This system is true multi-tenant and is SOC 2 Type II compliant.

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