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FirstHive RealCDP Audit Report (FirstHive)

FirstHive CDP supports B2C and B2B companies with a SaaS CDP platform that can be either cloud-based or on-premise. AWS and Google are the preferred cloud options. The platform incorporates 3 key areas of functionality: Data Ingestion, Intelligence & Identity, Orchestration & Activation. For data ingestion, FirstHive embeds Streamsets software to provide a robust data input and output solution. Once ingested, data is enhanced via partnerships with 3rd party data providers such as Pipl Data, Dotin and Liveramp. Unified customer profiles are created in two sets: first, within each channel source and then across all sources with a persisten FirstHive ID; this is unique and a strength for FirstHive. Inbound data can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured but unstructured data is converted to semi-structured for storage. Real time data ingestion is supported. There is no limit on how much historical data can be stored and data can be easily shared with any 3rd party platform.

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