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mParticle RealCDP Audit Report (mParticle)

mParticle CDP supports a wide variety of B2C companies in North America, EMEA and APAC (6 offices globally) with a cloud-based SaaS platform hosted in AWS. Data is ingested from any source and stored in a variety of data stores, including DynamoDB, ScyllaDB and Amazon S3. There are currently over 300 pre-built data connectors to leading advertising, analytics, customer service, BI, commerce, and marketing platforms; additional connectors are easily built by clients. Full detail and history is maintained typically for 2 years, though this is negotiable. Customer profiles are created an assigned an mParticle ID, using ID Sync — a rules-based, deterministic matching process with prioritization of sources. Data models are customized and developed jointly with clients and include calculated attributes. Privacy capabilities are strong and integrate well with 3rd party consent and compliance platforms. mParticle CDP has solid real time update processing and has the ability to share data automatically with external systems in near real time so that external customer engagement systems are kept in synch with updated profile elements.

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