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Optimove RealCDP Audit Report (Optimove)

Optimove CDP’s SaaS platform can be hosted in the cloud or on a company’s private servers and supports both B2C and B2B companies (primarily B2C). Data can be ingested from any source in any type of data structure in both batch and real time. Tag and 1st party cookie management are native and Kafka is used to process data in real time; Snowflake is the data store for historical data and for creating robust, unified customer profiles. Full data reconstruction is available and data retention/expiration is controlled by clients. Unified customer profiles are created using deterministic matching/stitching and profiles are easily enhanced by users via a computational tool for creating derived variables. Privacy capabilities are robust with native consent management functionality that enables customers to manage their own communication preferences directly and users can control message frequency at the customer level. Data can be shared anywhere via APIs for batch updates and Kafka Streams for real time updates and data exports.

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