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Salesforce RealCDP Audit Report (Salesforce Data Cloud)

Salesforce Data Cloud is a SaaS CDP platform hosted in AWS supporting both B2C and B2B companies. Data ingestion via the Data Streams module is seamless with other Salesforce platforms but also fast and flexible with non-Salesforce sources. Data can be ingested in any format and be received from any source in either batch or real time and users can set up new feeds in the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Full historical detail data is stored to enable profile rebuilds and dynamic scaling is used, making the platform highly performant at large volumes (2.7 trillion records processed monthly). Data is typically stored in S3 but “bring your own data lake” (Snowflake, Google Cloud, e.g.) is also possible. Unified customer profiles are created using a combination of deterministic and probabilistic matching and are enhanced with data from a deep list of 3rd party data partners and user-created derived variables. Identity insights are provided to give users information on the ID resolution process. Privacy and system security is strong; the platform is fully compliant with all North American and European privacy regulations. Data can be shared to any platform in both automated and ad hoc modes. Real time updates are enabled via the Salesforce Interactions SDK.

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