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Tealium RealCDP Audit Report (Tealium)

The Tealium Customer Data Hub (CDH) is made up of 5 modules: TiQ Tag Management; EventStream API Hub; AudienceStream CDP; DataAccess; and PredictML. AudienceStream supports B2C and B2B companies with a cloud-based (AWS), no-code SaaS platform that integrates data into a flexible and comprehensive customer profile. Data ingestion capabilities are mature and Tealium builds new integrations at no cost. TiQ, Tealium’s IQ tag manager, is used to capture online behavior data and EventStream is used for API and mobile data ingestion. Data mapping is no-code, allowing non-technical users to bring new data sources into the platform. Data is stored with full detail (no time limit on storage) in S3 (semi structured) or Redshift (structured). Native matching of records is deterministic but can be enhanced with 3rd-party probabilistic offerings. Sharing of data and pre-defined audiences to external platforms is straightforward and automated. CDH supports all privacy regulatory requirements.

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