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Teavaro RealCDP Audit Report (Teavaro)

Teavaro supports B2C companies with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform that integrates data of any type into a unified customer profile and stores full histories on customers and prospects in MongoDB and Postgres databases. The platform excels at connecting disparate identities into a single view and using that enhanced view to strengthen online messaging in real time, including the ability to recognize consumers across corporate business domains. Data can be shared anywhere but the system is designed primarily to support online media efforts. Privacy capabilities are strong and, as Teavaro is an EMEA-based solution, supports the stringent privacy requirements of GDPR. Data is encrypted upon ingestion and users control compliance rules directly. “Listening” for behavioral data occurs via Apache Flink and is applied in real time trigger campaigns, user attribute updates and machine learning scores. Data “sharing” is also in real time, with over 99% of requests processed in under 50 milliseconds.

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