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Xtremepush RealCDP Audit Report (Xtremepush)

Xtremepush CDP, a SaaS platform hosted in AWS (can be private cloud as well) supports B2C companies in a variety of industries. Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data can be ingested in both batch and real time via SDKs (web and mobile) or APIs. Tag and cookie management is native, but clients can also use 3rd party tag managers (Google Tag Manager, e.g.); geo-fencing capabilities are also available. Redis is used for in-memory processing to support real time updates. Historical customer data and unified customer profiles are stored in S3 and SingleStore and support full data reconstruction. Data retention/expiration limits are determined by clients. Unified customer profiles are created using deterministic matching/stitching and are made visible to users in the Single Customer View (SCV). Profiles can be enhanced with a strong computational tool for creating derived variables. Privacy management is complete, with data encryption in motion and at rest and the platform is fully GDPR-compliant. Data is easily shared to any system in either batch or real time and customer profiles can be updated in real time.

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