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Zeta Global RealCDP Audit Report (Zeta)

Zeta CDP+ supports both B2C and B2B companies across a wide variety of industries with a SaaS offering hosted in AWS. Structured and unstructured data is ingested in batch and real time and stored in a multi-dimensional framework. Unified customer profiles are created using a combination of deterministic and probabilistic matching, with robust hygiene processing. Real time updates are enabled and marketing (non-technical) users can add new data feeds and edit existing feeds using a low-or no-code interface in Data Conductor. Profiles include full historical detail on customers and prospects and are enhanced with data from the Zeta Data Cloud, a powerful and unique offering in the CDP space that also enables superior ID resolution. Zeta provides preference center management to ensure privacy compliance and also has a privacy team and client support teams to guide clients. Real time or batch data sharingis available in any format and ad hoc and automated data sharing can be managed by non-technical resources if required.

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