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Epsilon PeopleCloud

Delivery CDP

As the only customer data platform that doesn’t rely singularly on first-party data, Epsilon Customer unifies your first-party data and strengthens it with insights into customer behavior outside your brand, accelerating time to value. With turnkey activation built into the platform, you can easily reach your customer base anywhere you need to even without third-party cookies.

Epsilon’s Customer will help you:

  • Understand each customer fully
  • Connect your brand to the right people
  • Build intelligence-driven campaigns
  • Execute high-performance digital campaigns

Build smarter marketing with Epsilon.

Vendor Resources

Identity resolution lays the groundwork for stronger media activation through customer data platforms (Epsilon PeopleCloud) A CDP delivers unified cross-channel customer data. The CDPI and Epsilon explain how identity resolution makes this tool even stronger.

AdWeek Webinar: Bring your customers out of the dark (Epsilon PeopleCloud) In this webinar, Tyler McDaniel of Epsilon and guest speaker Forrester analyst Joe Stanhope discuss the role CDPs play in the marketing industry today and why enhancing existing first-party data is critical to better analysis and measurement.

Epsilon IDC Commentary (Epsilon PeopleCloud) A new IDC Link commentary reviews Epsilon’s Digital CDP solution, saying it allows marketers to activate at scale in a matter of weeks.