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Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform empowers Sales and Marketing to find and convert their ideal customers through accurate, personalized engagement across all channels. By combining customers’ 1st party data with unparalleled 3rd party data coverage, intent signals and Artificial Intelligence, Leadspace provides a 360-degree view of customers and prospects, and can accurately recommend the best marketing and sales activities to pursue. Updated in real time and automated directly into leading CRMs and Marketing Automation Platforms, data and intelligence remain constantly accurate and actionable. Based in San Francisco, Denver and Israel, Leadspace is trusted by more than 130 B2B brands and 7 of the 10 largest enterprise software companies, including Microsoft, RingCentral and Marketo.

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Identity Resolution: The Key to Customer Data Value (Leadspace) Today’s marketers often struggle with fragmented customer data. The CDPI and Leadspace explore the problems this can cause and solutions for creating unified customer profiles.

Informatica and Leadspace: The AI-Driven Growth Engine (Leadspace) Leadspace and Informatica will share best practices in utilizing AI to create real-time profiles, target accounts with the highest buying propensity, build persona-based segments/campaigns and fuel sales to qualify and close demand.

Identity Resolution Explained: Profile the Right Prospects (Leadspace) This lively webinar will cover key drivers and case studies for successful identity resolution implementations including anonymous web visitor discovery, personal-to-business profile matching, lead-to-account matching, and data unification across data sources.

Building B2B Buyer Profiles (Leadspace) Achieving high-quality, up-to-date B2B buyer data is often easier said than done. Learn how the Leadspace CDP maintains accurate data and uses it effectively.

Using Customer Data to Deliver the Best Buyer Experience (Leadspace) B2B decision makers face a highly disjointed process. The CDPI and Leadspace explain how to create a well-orchestrated approach.

CDP: Is it Really Your Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing? (Leadspace) Leadspace Founder and CTO Amnon Mishor reveals the incredible promise of customer data platforms and what they mean for B2B Sales and Marketing in particular.

OneLogin Case Study (Leadspace) OneLogin is used by businesses of all sizes to secure company data. Learn how the company used Leadspace to double engagement.

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with a B2B Customer Data Platform (Leadspace) Marketers have been scrambling for years to keep up with customer data. Leadspace explains how a B2B CDP can help.

Vendor Blog Posts

Data Decay: What, Why and How? People and companies change every day.

How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform: Know Your GTM Metrics & Profiles Inside & Out Low conversion rates from campaigns, high email bounce rates, and poor pipeline velocity are symptoms of a bigger problem – poor buyer profile health.

How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform: Achieving Actionable Insights with CDP Decisioning How do you analyze high-volume data to derive and prioritize those most actionable insights?

How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform: Better Segments, Better Activation, Better Decisions In the last three blogs we discussed how to get your data together to fuel great buyer profiles.

How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform: Upping the Odds of Real-Time Buyer Identification In the last two blogs we've discussed how to get the best data together to drive complete, accurate and easily-managed buyer profiles.

How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform: Better Data Sources Mean Better Profiles and Better Decisions As we all know, buying signals come in many shapes and from many sources.

How to Choose a B2B Customer Data Platform: Better Data Integration Means Better Decisions Complete buyer profiles at the account, buying center and contact level are critical.

Clear Signs of B2B CDP Market Maturing, with Weaker Players Radius and Mintigo Exiting There has been a lot of evidence in the last few months that the B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) category is maturing.