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Lexer helps brands and retailers genuinely understand their customers and engage them with the experiences they deserve. Built for retail, our Customer Data Platform is an easy-to-use hub for customer insights, segmentation and targeting. Lexer will help you at every customer touchpoint—from marketing to sales to service—so you can deepen customer loyalty and drive profitable growth.

Key advantages:

  • Unify all customer data into a single customer view
  • Enrich customer profiles with 3rd party data
  • Advanced customer analytics and insights in marketer friendly dashboards
  • Effortless and effective segmentation and targeting

Vendor Resources

How customer centric are you? (Lexer) It is increasingly important to put the customer at the center of everything you do. Lexer details how the right martech makes this possible.

AI and Lexer – the time is now (Lexer) In this popular webinar, three of Lexer’s founders, CEO David Chinn, CTO Aaron Wallis and CCO David Whittle, provide an overview of AI’s impact on brands, retailers and customers; share top use cases for AI and demonstrate live examples of AI within Lexer’s platform.

Humans and Retail Data at Scale Together (Lexer) In this information-packed session, Ben Moreau, Vice President of SEA aims to shift the retail industry’s focus from a traditional “360 view of the customer” approach to a more comprehensive “360 deployment of customer data.”

Mountain Khakis Case Study (Lexer) An outdoor clothing retailer wanted to increase sales from new and returning customers. Learn how the Lexer CDP boosted Black Friday sales by 49%.

How to build customer loyalty (Lexer) Focusing on customer retention can boost retail success in the long term. Lexer explains what strategies you can use to enhance loyalty.

17 must-know stats about Customer Loyalty and CX (Lexer) Changes in technologies are changing how to earn and keep customers. Lexer explains what you need to know about CX, personalization, and loyalty.

Bricks, Mortar, and Data: How to use omnichannel data pre, during, and post in-store visits (Lexer) Retailers must solve the problem of data silos separating in-store and ecommerce experiences. Lexer details tactics to bring them together.

Lexer RealCDP Audit Report (Lexer) The Lexer platform supports primarily Retail-focused B2C companies with some B2B solutions in place.

Black Diamond Case Study (Lexer) A global outdoor industry leader wanted to climb higher. Learn how Lexer made it happen through a 5 phase process in 100 days.

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