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Delivery CDP

Lexer helps brands and retailers genuinely understand their customers and engage them with the experiences they deserve. Built for retail, our Customer Data Platform is an easy-to-use hub for customer insights, segmentation and targeting. Lexer will help you at every customer touchpoint—from marketing to sales to service—so you can deepen customer loyalty and drive profitable growth.

Key advantages:

  • Unify all customer data into a single customer view
  • Enrich customer profiles with 3rd party data
  • Advanced customer analytics and insights in marketer friendly dashboards
  • Effortless and effective segmentation and targeting

Vendor Resources

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Lexer 2020 RealCDP Audit Report (Lexer) LexerCDP is designed primarily for mid-market and enterprise retail/ecommerce companies, but it has solid acceptance in other industries and is being used successfully by small companies as well as large.

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How to Unlock Customer Insight and Value with Third-Party Data (Lexer) Understanding your customers will help you engage with them. Lexer details how to use your third-party data to maximize your potential.

Loyalty is Lucrative: A Practical Guide to Driving the Second Sale (Lexer) Loyalty is undoubtedly important in modern marketing. Lexer explains how to gain the critical second conversion.

Village Entertainment Case Study (Lexer) A cinema exhibition leader wanted to boost loyalty and lifetime value. Read on to learn how Lexer helped by prioritizing customer-first strategies.

The ICONIC Case Study (Lexer) A fashion and sportswear retailer wanted a single customer view. Discover how Lexer created one in just 15 days.

7 Foundational, Insight-Led Customer Journeys for Every Lifecycle Stage (Lexer) A CDP can quickly and easily activate various campaigns. Lexer details how to do so for every lifecycle stage.

Rip Curl Case Study (Lexer) A global surfing brand wanted to use data to understand and engage customers. Learn how Lexer made it possible.