Campaign CDP

SAS is an analytics leader. Combining analytics, customer intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at 83,000 sites globally to make better decisions faster. For CX leaders, SAS provides enhanced CDP capabilities that facilitate evolving CX needs now and into the future. SAS delivers the ultimate analytical advantage – powered by AI and automation. We operationalize business strategies and marketing tactics in a hybrid cloud environment – combining on-line and off-line data, dynamically updating profiles and segments, providing sophisticated real-time analytics, and activating insights beyond marketing for great customer experience functions across the organization. The result? SAS Customer Intelligence takes you from data to insight to action and elevates customer experiences for profitable brand differentiation.

Vendor Resources

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 – Personalization & Recommendation (SAS) SAS Customer Intelligence 360 augments traditional customer information with contextual data and AI to create highly personalized dynamically changing recommendations.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 – Customer Journey Optimization (SAS) SAS Customer Intelligence 360 gives digital marketing a major performance injection helping you to understand each customers journey by channel and time and optimizing every journey with real-time interventions.

The Real-Time and Predictive Commerce Playbook for CMOs (SAS) How can CMOs in retail improve customer experience?

Maximizing Moments of Truth (SAS) Context and real-time analytics are important to CX. SAS explains the details of using these tools.

Profiling and Analytics Under GDPR: The Data Governance Imperative (SAS) Many companies are struggling to figure out how to comply with GDPR while still performing data analytics. SAS details how profiling remains possible.