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The issue of customer relations depends directly on the quality of customer knowledge.

Scal-e helps brands deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person and through the right channel.

Without precise and up-to-date customer intelligence, it is impossible to build quality, personalized, and relevant relationships. An impeccable Customer-Centric Database is, therefore, necessary to effectively manage relational strategies, recruit, animate or develop long-term loyalty.

With the implementation of a 100% custom DataMart, Scal-e helps to capture and organize data around Unified Profiles to personalize omnichannel interactions while having relevant, reliable, and actionable information available in real-time.

The platform architecture is designed to execute rich, fluid and Real-Time relational strategies by connecting complementary modules to this reliable and custom DataMart. Business users can create audiences (scores, aggregates, segmentation, targeting, …), orchestrate communications on all channels or perform analytics with native integrations of Business Intelligence or Reporting Tools.

Scal-e’s 5 modules :

  • Data Management (collection, processing, standardization, profiles unification, …)
  • Audience Builder (scores, segmentations, aggregates, …)
  • Omnichannel Orchestration (email, SMS, social networks, digital mobile passes, …)
  • Loyalty Management (loyalty programs, SmartForms, …)
  • Customer Intelligence (custom dashboards, analytics, …)

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