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White Rabbit Suite

Delivery CDP

White Rabbit is the guide to the wonderful world of business on line.

White Rabbit is a SaaS software based on a strong CDP concept: it is the first operational CDP. This means that WR, while customer is making all the marketing and business operations, stores in the database all about the customer lifecycle.

The marketing operations available for the customer:

  • Make and connect sites or e-commerce
  • Link and Manage Social Profiles
  • Create Advertising Campaigns and Projects
  • Optimize the job using Collaboration Tools
  • Send Newsletters, Surveys and Sms
  • Create awesome Landing Pages
  • Manage Contacts, Clients, Profiles in a CDP
  • Analyze all the data with the Integrated Analytics
  • Create Content with the Integrated Content Machine
  • Export the Customer Big Data and Analyze with Machine Learning or A.I.
  • GDPR compliant

The company vision is to simplify the access to digital revolution and make “happy business”. This means happier customers with less effort, time and costs.