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What is a RealCDP™?

REALCDP™ Definition

RealCDP™ is a certification program managed by the CDP Institute.  It defines a set of features required for a product to perform the functions that most users expect from a CDP.  The intent is to reduce confusion among buyers of which systems to consider.  Vendors are issued the RealCDP badge upon completion of a thorough audit conducted by an independent authority.  All Sponsors of the CDP Institute meet the RealCDP criteria, but non-Sponsors can also be certified.  For details, contact info@cdpinstitute.org.

RealCDP Certification

The RealCDP program measures systems against seven capabilities:

  • ingest data from any source
  • capture full detail of ingested data
  • store ingested data indefinitely (subject to privacy constraints)
  • create unified profiles of identified individuals
  • share data with any system that needs it
  • respond in real time to new data and to profile requests
  • govern customer data in compliance with local privacy and security regulations.

Taken together, these capabilities describe a system that meets the true promise of the CDP.  Systems that lack one or more capability will have shortfalls that limit what users can do, often preventing them from supporting important CDP applications.

CDP Institute certifies compliance with the RealCDP checklist and authorizes vendors to display the RealCDP badge.

For more information, download the RealCDP program description.