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Twilio Segment RealCDP Audit Report (Twilio Segment)

Twilio Segment meets all RealCDP certification criteria with the Segment Customer Data Platform (CDP) that supports B2C, B2B, and B2B2C companies. This easy-to-use no-code platform is delivered as a SaaS solution running on AWS S3 and allows data-driven marketers to capture, enhance, store, and deliver first, second, and third-party customer data efficiently and effectively. Segment successfully delivers on the four key CDP platform benefit claims: 1) Connect – integrating data source and destination platforms, SaaS with true IaaS, and Coding with No-Code options; 2) Govern – users have lots of control over data at the attribute level and worldwide data privacy requirements are made easy to manage; 3) Synthesize – data is kept clean, aggregated, and accessible; 4) Activate – the data will support real time actions, cross-channel events, and advanced analysis and decisioning.

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