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Campaign CDP

Ascent360 partners with B2C marketers to simplify today’s increasingly complex data world and enable authentic relationships with prospects and customers. Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) creates a single source of truth from your siloed data sources. Then we provide marketing guidance to develop successful revenue-generating campaigns that increase engagement and maximize lifetime value. With us, you realize both immediate return and sustained value year over year. We get your company where it belongs – at the top!

Vendor Resources

Ascent360 RealCDP Audit Report (Ascent360) Ascent360 is a RealCDP that focuses on customer data management. Unlike many CDP companies that evolved or pivoted into the CDP space, Ascent360 has created a solution optimized to establish a single view of the customer and to execute smart capable interactions with little technical expertise. 

CDP for Resort Marketing (Ascent360) Resort marketing presents numerous special challenges. Ascent360 explains how a CDP can help.

Escape the Hype Cycle (Ascent360) The CDP industry is growing – but what happens after the hype? Ascent360 details a plan.

Mike’s Bikes Case Study (Ascent360) Mike’s Bikes wanted to improve their marketing with customized engagements. Ascent360 helped them do so with dynamic content.

10 Data-Driven Campaigns Everyone Should Be Running (Ascent360) The data world is becoming increasingly complex. Ascent360 explains ten ways a CDP can help B2C marketers use their data wisely.

Smartwool Case Study (Ascent360) Smartwool wanted to deliver more specific communications to their customers. Learn how Ascent360 helped them do so by consolidating data and sub-dividing segments.

Ascent360 Vendor Profile (Ascent360) Ascent360’s mission is simple: to help companies realize greater value from their customer data, leading to increased revenue. Read on to learn how this happens.

Thule Case Study (Ascent360) Learn how Thule improved engagement with inactive customers.