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Ascent360 is an intuitive Customer Data Platform built for marketerse by marketers. With over 150+ direct integrations across multiple systems, such as PMS, POS, Ticketing, and eCommerce, the all-in-one Ascent360 CDP helps hospitality, resort, outdoor/bike and eCommerce brands grow engagement, drive direct revenue and increase return visits using enriched, unified data, segmentation and automation.

Vendor Resources

Mt. Hood Meadows Case Study (Ascent360) A popular mountain resort wanted to communicate with their guests in a personalized and meaningful way. See how the Ascent360 CDP provided segmentation and unified data to increase click-through rates and event registrations.

Mirror Lake Inn Case Study (Ascent360) A family-owned luxury resort and spa struggled to share real-time information with their guests. Learn how the Ascent360 CDP unified the data and drove higher revenue.

Email Isn’t Dead: How to Revive Your Email Marketing Strategy and Increase Sales (Ascent360) Get a behind-the-scenes look at email marketing best practices for retail, resort & brand marketers.

How To Jumpstart Your Marketing & Customer Retention (Ascent360) Discover how to turn your customer data into sales through targeted, personalized and automated emails.

Ascent360 Introduction (Ascent360) Learn how to use your data with Ascent360.

Angel Fire Case Study (Ascent360) A four-season resort in New Mexico wanted to improve their email marketing. Learn how Ascent360 used segmentation to generate $125k in revenue from a single campaign.

The Ultimate Guide to Data Driven Marketing (Ascent360) Using data is increasingly important to marketing. Ascent360 provides a four-step plan to master it.

Take Your Resort Marketing From Bunny Hill to Black Diamond (Ascent360) Ski and four-season resorts have a wide range of guests with vastly different interests. Ascent360 details how to use customer data effectively to keep them coming back.

4 B2C Campaigns and Templates to Maximize Impact & Sales (Ascent360) Segmentation is key to personalized marketing and increased engagement. Ascent360 explores the high-performing campaigns you should implement.

Vendor Blog Posts

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