Service Provider

Hightouch is a leader and pioneer of the Composable CDP, a warehouse-native architecture radically transforming the CDP landscape. The cutting-edge platform offers best-in-class features like event collection, identity resolution, analytics, audience building & data onboarding.

Used by enterprises like AXS,, Chime, Gamestop, and Petsmart, Hightouch transforms the data warehouse into an actionable store of first-party data. Unlike traditional CDPs, implementation is fast, there are no data limitations, and costs only scale with value.

With Hightouch, business teams quickly deliver hyper-personalized experiences while data teams unlock unparalleled data security and flexibility, making it a leading choice for any data-driven organization.

Vendor Resources

Ultimate Customer Data Platform Guide (Hightouch) Companies are figuring out how to power growth with first-party customer data. Hightouch details how a composable CDP can help.

The Zebra Case Study (Hightouch) A leading insurance marketplace wanted to improve personalization in its marketing campaigns. Hightouch explains how its composable CDP boosted match rates by +170%.

The Complete Guide to the Composable CDP (Hightouch) Organizations are working with more data than ever before. Hightouch details how a composable CDP provides flexibility and time to value.