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Redpoint Global

Campaign CDP

Redpoint Global optimizes customer engagement across the enterprise, providing a customer data platform for brands to deliver consistent, contextually relevant experiences across all interaction points. Redpoint’s technology taps into any and all data sources – streaming and batch – while resolving anonymous to known customer identities using the most advanced probabilistic and heuristic algorithms. The platform’s precise customer views combined with advanced analytics and real-time intelligent orchestration power leading enterprises to help them achieve sustainable, profitable revenue growth.

Vendor Resources

DIY Retailer Case Study (Redpoint Global) An international DIY retailer suffered from lost time due to disconnected databases. Learn how Redpoint Global compressed their cycle time with a single point of data control.

Redpoint Global RealCDP Audit Certificate (Redpoint Global) Redpoint Global is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute.

RedPoint Real-Time Interaction Management (Redpoint Global) Today’s customers expect real-time engagement. To close the gap between expectations and experience, learn how you can leverage real-time data and decisions to orchestrate real-time customer interactions.

2 Minutes with Lucerna Health (Redpoint Global) Lucerna Health co-founder and CEO Craig Thomas discusses how the partnership between Lucerna Health and RedPoint Global helps healthcare organizations achieve scale in delivering personalized consumer engagements.

Real-Time Customer Engagement in Practice (Redpoint Global) Real-time customer engagement can be complicated. Redpoint Global presents a framework and tactics to make it easier.

Web Services Case Study (Redpoint Global) One of the world’s largest web services companies wanted a unified view of the customer. Learn how Redpoint Global made it possible.

Competing on the Basis of Customer Experience (Redpoint Global) CX is overtaking price and product as the primary competitive differentiator. Redpoint Global explains the importance of a single point of control in this environment.

Lucerna Health Case Study (Redpoint Global) Lucerna Health needed help executing its value-based care strategy. Learn how Redpoint Global’s technology helped them schedule 50% more appointments and expand operations.

Xanterra Case Study (Redpoint Global) Xanterra Travel Collection needed to understand guests across more than 100 siloed sources. Redpoint Global helped them achieve a comprehensive customer view.