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NGDATA lets you better engage with your customers. Their Intelligent Engagement Platform builds multi-attribute customer data profiles (Customer DNATM) and drives truly personalized customer experiences through real-time interaction management.

With capabilities that go beyond your average Customer Data Platform such as in-built analytics, AI-powered decision-making and omnichannel orchestration, NGDATA boosts commercial success for clients by developing a deeper understanding of their customers, increasing customer lifetime value, reducing churn, and lowering cost per conversion. The intuitive UI makes it easy for business users to use the platform while IT and analytics retain oversight and control.

Founded in 2012, NGDATA operates globally.

Vendor Resources

NGDATA RealCDP Audit Report (NGDATA) To more effectively ingest, store, manage, and distribute data, NGDATA segments data into two types.

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Core Banking Modernization with a CDP: The Key to Richer Customer Experiences (NGDATA) Traditional banks are facing various customer experience challenges. NGDATA details how a CDP can help them modernize and meet those challenges.

How Belfius Became the #1 Mobile Bank in Belgium (NGDATA) Discover how NGDATA accelerated Belfius’ digital transformation and developed best-in-class customer insights to drive the business.

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How to Build Digital Customer Relationships in Banking (NGDATA) Doug Gross, CEO at NGDATA, throws light on how banks can build valuable, relevant relationships with the customer by means of real-time, personalized interactions.

Gaining Value from a Customer Data Platform (NGDATA) Modern marketing features two main forces: the spread of fragmented data and the demand for personalized CX. The CDPI and NGDATA explain how to use a CDP to manage both of these forces.

US Fortune 50 Retail Bank Case Study (NGDATA) A US Fortune 50 bank had various source systems, including credit and debit card transactions. Learn how NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform gave them recommendations in real time.

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