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RudderStack is the smart customer data pipeline. Easily build pipelines connecting your whole customer data stack.

Event Stream: Collect event data from all of your sites and apps and route it to a wide array of tools and data warehouses.

Warehouse Actions: Turn your warehouse into a data source for enriched audiences and events that RudderStack can send to all of the tools your teams use.

Cloud Extract: Out-of-the-box integrations with popular cloud tools like Salesforce,, and Google AdWords enable you to easily set up near-real-time ELT pipelines to your data warehouse.

Vendor Resources

Why you should solve identity resolution on your data warehouse (RudderStack) Identity resolution can help create a unified customer view. RudderStack explains the role of a data warehouse in this process.

The Data Maturity Guide (RudderStack) The data stack has grown into a sprawling ecosystem of tools. RudderStack provides a framework to help you determine what tools best serve your needs.

Magic Eden Case Study (RudderStack) An NFT marketplace needed to quickly accommodate significant growth in activity. RudderStack explains how they provided speed and flexibility.

Joybird Case Study (RudderStack) An online furniture manufacturer wanted to connect website visitors’ activity to downstream platforms. Learn how RudderStack took control of customer data to make it happen.