Campaign CDP

Blueshift helps brands deliver relevant, connected experiences across every customer interaction. It’s SmartHub CDP uses patented AI technology to unify, inform, and activate the fullness of customer data across all channels and applications. Through unified data, omnichannel orchestration, intelligent decisioning, and unmatched scale, Blueshift gives brands all the tools to seamlessly deliver 1:1 experiences in real-time across the entire customer journey. Leading consumer brands such as LendingTree, Udacity, Discovery, PayPal, Groupon, and the BBC use Blueshift to drive continued revenue growth through elevated customer engagement.


  • Omnichannel Orchestration: Effortlessly set up, deploy, manage, optimize, and measure automated multi-channel campaigns across channels.
  • Single Customer View: Create comprehensive, unified customer profiles of every anonymous and identifiable user based on all your first-party data — historic, real-time, and predicted — collected from every interaction.
  • Predictive Intelligence: Scale 1:1 experiences with customizable AI that adapts to users by making sense of first-party data and real-time behavior and optimizing who to target, with what content, on which channel, and at what time.
  • Audience Segmentation: Build rich, precise customer segments within minutes based on any attribute or behavior through an intuitive, advanced segmentation engine.
  • 1:1 Personalization: Dynamically personalize product, content, and offers for each customer interaction in real-time based on current context and deep customer understanding.

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