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BlueConic is the leading pure-play customer data platform that liberates companies’ first-party data from disparate systems and makes it accessible wherever and whenever it is required to transform customer relationships and drive business growth. Over 300 companies worldwide, including Forbes, Heineken, Mattel, Michelin, Telia Company, and VF Corp, use BlueConic to unify data into persistent, individual-level profiles and then activate it across customer touchpoints and systems in support of a wide range of growth-focused initiatives, including customer lifecycle orchestration, modeling and analytics, digital products and experiences, audience-based monetization, and more. BlueConic is a global company with offices in the US and Europe.

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BlueConic RealCDP Audit Certificate (BlueConic) BlueConic is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute.

The Journey to Customer-Centricity: Transforming a Centuries-Old Company (BlueConic) Learn how Conn’s HomePlus implemented a CDP to transform their organization and put customers at the center of everything they do.

The Pivot to First-Party Data: How Three Big Brands Embraced It to Transform Their Business (BlueConic) Discover how companies like HEINEKEN USA, Mattel, and VF Corporation are embracing a first-party data strategy that offers customer value and delivers business growth.

Personalize with Purpose: How Retailers are Raising the Bar with CDPs (BlueConic) Learn how companies like VF Corp. and LoveSac are raising the bar on personalization strategies with BlueConic.

Comoto Revs Up Omnichannel Marketing Efforts Across Their Family of Brands (BlueConic) See how the Comoto Family of Brands is unlocking its marketing potential with first-party data.

BlueConic Platform Overview (BlueConic) Learn more about BlueConic and how its CDP can power your data-driven processes to accelerate growth.

The New Customer Engagement Model: How to Transform Customer Relationships & Drive Growth in the Privacy-First Era (BlueConic) In this ebook, BlueConic explains the new customer engagement model all brands must implement today to thrive in the consumer privacy era.

Data Clean Rooms: The Key to Marketing Measurement in the Privacy-First Era (BlueConic) BlueConic explains why data clean rooms are providing a viable alternative for closed-loop advertising and marketing measurement.

Debunking the Four Myths of Consumer Data Privacy (BlueConic) Learn from BlueConic how you can embrace a more proactive approach to consumer data privacy.

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