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The Customer Data Platform Institute educates marketers and technologists about customer data management.   The Institute publishes industry news and educational materials, provides vendor comparison reports, builds directories of industry vendors and service firms, and offers Webinars, workshops, and consulting on related issues.

Customer Data Platforms are defined as “packaged software that maintains a unified, persistent customer database which is accessible to external systems.”  They are the only types of packaged software specifically designed to create and share a complete view of each customer.  The CDP Institute’s RealCDPTM program certifies systems that meet the Institute’s definition.

Vendor Resources

Industry Update January 2023 (CDP Institute) What’s new in the CDP industry? This report from the CDPI shares the latest.

CDP Institute Member Survey 2022: Best Practices Drive Value (CDP Institute) What do CDPI members have to say about customer data management best practices? This survey has the answers, as well as other industry trends.

Privacy to Market: Marketing and Web 3.0 (CDP Institute) Presented by Gerrie Smits, Owner, Left Right Centre

Privacy to Market: Why Children’s Privacy Matters to Your Business (CDP Institute) Presented by Mamie Kress, Vice President, Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU), BBB National Programs

Privacy to Market: Marketing and Web 3.0 (CDP Institute) Presented by Gerrie Smits, Owner, Left Right Centre

Vendor Privacy Survey Report (CDP Institute) Can a CDP replace your Consent Management Platform?  The CDP Institute analyzed capabilities of 40+ vendors to find the answer to this and other important questions.

CDP Use Cases: What Users Want (CDP Institute) The CDPI’s Use Case Generator helps users define their CDP requirements. This report analyzes aggregate results to show what matters most to users.  Find out which data sources, CDP features, result measures, and use case goals are most common, and how to use this information to improve CDP results.

CDP Institute Member Survey 2021: The Path to CDP Success (CDP Institute) What do CDPI members have to say about successful CDP deployments? This survey has the answers, along with other industry trends.

Protection of children’s personal data and where reforms are needed (CDP Institute) How is children’s privacy being protected around the world? This paper from the CDPI explains the latest laws and recommends future steps. This article was first published in the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy, Volume 4 Number 4, published by Henry Stewart Publications, London,

Vendor Blog Posts

AI, Big Data and kids: The potential and threat posed by biometrics Artificial intelligence is increasingly part of sales, marketing, customer service and production.

Getting Your House in Order: Privacy Tips for You at Home and at Work Pull up a sofa.

The Fifth P: Privacy Lands Squarely in the Marketing Mix Data privacy, once seen primarily as a legal and IT concern, is now integral to marketing, and marketers are increasingly central to ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Customer anonymity can’t be guaranteed, but differential privacy can help change the game The relationship between companies and consumers is increasingly complex, with concern about privacy growing among consumers.

Getting ahead of privacy legislation is crucial for data-driven companies The alphabet soup that began with GDPR is about to get thicker with CCPA in California (Jan 1 2020), LGPD in Brazil (early 2020) and forthcoming legislation in India and across APAC.

Kids, Data and Privacy: If Your Company’s Not Worried, It Probably Should Be Got data? Ask any company and you'll get an affirmative.

What CDPs Must Do in APAC — the World’s Fastest Growing Tech Region The Asia-Pacific region is the world's fast-growing economy.

An early look at CDPs in the APAC market Demand for customer data platforms has grown internationally in the last two years, particularly in Europe and the UK, so this seemed like a good time to look at the APAC market.

CDP Industry Confusion Doesn’t Invalidate CDP Industry

CDP Industry Confusion Doesn’t Invalidate CDP Industry Technology analysts comment on the CDP industry all the time.