Campaign CDP

FirstHive is an Intelligent Customer Data Platform that builds Unique Customer Identities by extracting data from various sources of customer interactions such as Social, Web, Mobile and Landing Pages. It also includes transaction systems such as ERP, CRM and Customer Care. It is the world’s first CDP to use Machine Learning for building Unified Customer Identities and layer these Unified Identities with actionable recommendations to deliver a disproportionate jump in Marketing ROI. Our key customers include some of the world’s leading Banking, Financial Services, FMCG/CPG and Manufacturing companies. FirstHive is privacy by design, GDPR/PDPA/CCPA compliant product. In the first New Data Wave published by Forrester in early 2019, FirstHive was featured among the top 5 CDPs globally on current product readiness.

Vendor Resources

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Data Platforms (FirstHive) Marketers have more data than they can effectively use. The CDP Institute and FirstHive explain how AI can help.

FirstHive RealCDP Audit Report (FirstHive) FirstHive is a RealCDP that provides a complete set of capabilities that pays off on their brand promise to “Take control of your marketing.” With unique data capture and integration tools, FirstHive enables marketers to build fully comprehensive customer profiles and then provides flexible customer journey creation for improved CX.

Rising Importance of a Customer Data Platform (FirstHive) Traditional customer journeys are transforming into decision loops. FirstHive explains how a CDP can help marketers.