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Teavaro truly connects people, brands and media owners across any media and device, helping you deliver a personalised marketing experience that drives conversion and reduces media wastage. As 80% or more of your customers and prospects are online every day, we facilitate reaching that audience by engaging them whenever and wherever best. We provide a unique marketing identifier under your control, letting you activate customer data in a privacy-compliant way across your existing marketing and ad tech stack. Our cloud-based solution is designed for scale, fast setup and real-time performance, providing cost reduction, higher revenues and increased customer advocacy.

Vendor Resources

Why you need identity resolution for paid media optimisation in walled gardens (Teavaro) Many companies look to paid media to connect to audiences. Teavaro details how identity resolution in walled gardens is beneficial.

Teavaro RealCDP Audit Report (Teavaro) Teavaro supports B2C companies with a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform that integrates data of any type into a unified customer profile and stores full histories on customers and prospects in MongoDB and Postgres databases.

Benefits of Identity Resolution (Teavaro) Identity resolution helps with personalization and attribution. Teavaro explains how it works.

E-learning course about Identity Resolution (Teavaro) In this course from Teavaro and the CDP Institute, learn about the benefits of identity resolution for marketers in an increasingly regulated and complex data environment. Go to to see more.

Identity Management (Teavaro) First party identity resolution is the way forward in a world without 3rd party cookies and device id’s. Read on to learn how from Teavaro.

A Perfect Match (Teavaro) The insurance industry is waking up to the opportunity to use data to prevent and mitigate risk. Teavaro explains how CDPs can help the insurance industry capture these benefits.