Data CDP

Celebrus is the most innovative CDP on the market, with the only tagging-free solution to capture all data from every customer interaction across all digital channels in true real-time.

Flexible. Scalable. Sophisticated data insight.

With Celebrus, behavioral and interaction data is captured, contextualized, and connected to your enterprise systems in milliseconds. Build comprehensive customer identities with enriched data insights that empower one-to-one hyper-personalization at scale – all with a single line of code and first-party data capture that adheres to evolving, complex compliance standards.

Celebrus CDP empowers forward-thinking enterprises to propel growth and reduce costs by fueling relevant customer experiences that convert.

Vendor Resources

Introducing Celebrus CX Vault (Celebrus) Learn how Celebrus CX Vault’s patented no-party data solution solves for cookie loss and opt-outs by delivering contextual, session-specific relevance that fully respects consumer privacy.

Future-proof identity: Private ID graphs to get ahead of third-party cookie deprecation (Celebrus) Successful marketing means connecting customer data across all channels. Celebrus shows how first-party ID graphs surpass third-party solutions while maintaining privacy protection.

Privacy meets personalization: The ultimate guide to privacy-first marketing (Celebrus) With privacy of increasing importance to consumers, marketers must find new ways to provide personalized experiences. Celebrus details how to make that happen.

Bank Case Study (Celebrus) A bank’s loan department wanted to optimize their digital marketing efforts. Learn how Celebrus used segmentation to drive a 4.6x increase in click-through rate.

Retail Bank Case Study (Celebrus) A bank wanted to retarget potential customers who viewed its products online without progressing to a purchase. See how the Celebrus CDP used personalization to generate $3 million profit from additional sales.

Large Insurance Group Case Study (Celebrus) An insurer with 13 million customers wanted more accurate models to drive advertising spend. Learn how the Celebrus CDP increased conversion rates, marketing efficiency, and ROI.

Are you getting the value you expect from your MarTech investments? (Celebrus) A robust data model is fundamental to effective data orchestration. Celebrus details how to make sure your martech stack meets the challenge.

Three Steps to Hyper-personalization (Celebrus) Understanding every customer is essential to providing personalization. Celebrus explains how to acquire, analyze, and activate the data you need.

Visibility detection: Conquering the last mile in real-time personalization (Celebrus) Visibility is important to effective real-time personalization. Celebrus explains how to make sure your martech stack delivers it.

Vendor Blog Posts

The difference between real-time and instant data is the difference between personalisation success or failure In the context of technology marketing, the term real-time has been ubiquitous for as long as I can remember.