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Celebrus, the Customer Data Platform from D4T4 Solutions, captures the market’s most complete picture of customer behaviour and experience, creating events and profiles in real-time for 1-to-1 personalisation and streaming analytics. Celebrus is quick and easy to deploy and connects to industry-standard data applications for customer insight and engagement. Celebrus also gives clients complete control by enabling best-in-class privacy compliance and flexible options for hosting data on-premise or securely in the cloud. Celebrus is used by global businesses in banking, insurance, retail, travel, automotive and telco industries, collaborating with leading industry partners to drive rapid transformation in customer engagement programmes.

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The Total Economic Impact Of Celebrus (Celebrus) Poor quality data is a problem for companies. Learn how Celebrus helps companies solve this problem.

CDP in Financial Services (Celebrus) Accurate, complete, and accessible customer data is essential for financial services marketing success. Celebrus shows how a Customer Data Platform using modern technology and specialized design to provide it.

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The difference between real-time and instant data is the difference between personalisation success or failure In the context of technology marketing, the term real-time has been ubiquitous for as long as I can remember.