Ad Exchange Bid Requests Provide Limited Location Data: Placed Study

Can ad exchange bids provide a useful source of location data? A study from Placed, which captures location data from apps, found that only about 1% of ad exchange bid requests provide out-of-home locations accurate enough to measure in-store traffic. It’s self-serving but nevertheless worth reading for an excellent explanation of the data quality issues.

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Amperity Reveals Its Customer Data Platform

September 14, 2017

Amperity, which has been in not-very-quiet stealth mode for over a year, has formally unveiled its “intelligent customer data platform”. As you’d expect, it builds unified customer databases using machine learning and a large-scale distributed data architecture on Microsoft Azure. The big innovation appears to be probabilistic rating of the matches found by its identity resolution engine, so customers take use tighter or looser standards depending on how important it is in a particular situation to be certain that matches are correct. The company raised $9 million in February 2016.

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