AppsFlyer Raises $56 Million to Capture Mobile App Events

AppsFlyer captures mobile app events and uses them for attribution and marketing analytics. That’s even more interesting than it sounds because what the company really does it integrate with 2,000 partners including marketing automation, analytics, and retargeting firms as well as media companies. So it’s at integration hub though not a true CDP. The company is growing crazy fast – as in, from 40 to 240 people in the past two years – and just raised a $56 million Series C, bringing total funding to $84.

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Logtrust Secures $11M for Real-Time Data Analytics

January 13, 2017

Logtrust bills itself as “the Real-time Big Data-in-Motion as-a-Service firm for Fast Data, Big Data analytics” which won’t win any awards for elegance but does get the point across, I suppose. That point being, it ingests streams of data in real time and allows analysis including visualization, prebuilt queries and event detection. This can obviously be helpful for marketers, although the system isn’t specifically designed to unify customer data from multiple sources. So also not a CDP. The company just raised $11 million.

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