Cloud Data Storage Is Growing but Security Concerns Remain: Studies from BARC Research, Sumo Logic and Alien Vault

We reported a survey yesterday that found Software as a Service accounted for just 15% of application deployments, while other cloud environments accounted for 48%. Keeping that distinction in mind, we have a very detailed report from BARC Research on cloud deployments of business intelligence and data management. Just touching the surface, BARC concluded that between a third and a half run data warehouses, data integration or data preparation in the cloud. True to stereotype, bigger companies hoped that cloud systems would solve scalability, deployment speed, and innovation bottlenecks and cited security, legal issues, and politics as main obstacles. Smaller companies were more interested in lower costs.

If you want more cloud-related research, a survey from Sumo Logic found that 80% of respondents were using some sort of public cloud but just 6% felt cloud services offer “excellent” security, while a survey of security professionals by Alien Vault found 39% of respondents used more than 10 different cloud services and 60% said IT it not always consulted before a cloud platform is deployed. The group was concerned about cloud security but, then again, nearly half said security monitoring in their organization as a whole was either “complex and chaotic” (31%) or “outdated and in need of investment” (19%).

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A survey by also placed cloud migration at the top of IT managers’ priority list, while SaaS ranked seventh. The managers’ biggest pain points were internal: budget (43%), security (40%), and keeping skills up to date (33%). Organizational alignment ranked sixth (26%) and connected customer experience placed tenth (24%). The group has its hands full: 37% were integrating more than 25 systems and 73% were integrating more than ten. Bear that in mind next time you ask IT for help.

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