Google to come up with 381,000 sq ft data centre in Navi Mumbai by 2025

In a bid to expand the cloud infrastructure to cater to the growing demand in India, tech giant Google has signed a deal with Raiden Infotech India to pick up a data centre spread over 381,000 sq ft in Navi Mumbai through a lease of 28 years. Alphabet Inc’s company will pay Rs 1,144 crore over first 10 years with a rental escalation of 1.75 per cent every 12 years.

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Google is piloting its own ‘soundbox’ in India for merchants to get audio-based payment alerts

January 19, 2023

Soundboxes — hardware used by merchants that emits sounds every time a mobile payment is made — have taken off in India, where point of sale activity can get busy and voice alerts from the soundbox help alert multitasking shopkeepers and assistants to a transaction going through. Now, to keep pushing ahead to build out its own payments business in the world’s second-largest internet market, Google is getting in on the act.

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Social Commerce Struggles Due to Low Trust in Social Platforms

February 8, 2023

While retail media has been an unexpected success, its sort-of opposite, social commerce, has never met expectations.  This Simplicitydx survey explores why: the biggest problem is low trust in social platforms, which means people prefer to buy directly on brand sites.  Social shopping still has a role to play in product discovery, although social won’t always receive credit if the sale is completed elsewhere.

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