HCLSoftware Launches AI-Powered Marketing Cloud

Escaping LLMs for a moment, HCLSoftware has released a new Marketing Cloud.  The core of the system is HCL Unica, a marketing platform whose origins date back centuries (okay, just one century).  You won’t be surprised that the current version offers all sorts of AI-based automations.

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Anthropic and Lucidworks Promise Safer Large Language Models

July 14, 2023

Problems are also opportunities. Anthropic, which has raised a cool $1.5 billion, just launched its latest large language model, Claude2, promising it will explain its results and avoid harmful outputs.  Meanwhile, website search platform Lucidworks announced it will validate results from major generative AI platforms before delivering them to users.  Expect more vendors to let companies use their own data to train large language models.

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Adobe Firefly Accepts Prompts in 100+ Languages

July 13, 2023

It’s debatable whether any enhancement to a generative AI product is worth singling out as news, given how many happen each day.  But that Adobe Firefly now supports prompts in over 100 languages, and will be localized in 20 languages, seems worth a nod.  Let’s also note that Adobe is paying more attention than most to clarifying the source of content that Firefly creates – a shamefully rare example of responsible Big Tech behavior.

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