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EU Anti-Trust Agencies Add New Microsoft, Apple Investigations

July 31, 2023
European anti-trust authorities are increasing their pressure on Big Tech.  Last week, the European Commission opened a formal investigation into Microsoft’s practice of bundling Teams with its Office productivity suite, while the French Competition Authority announced an inquiry into whether Apple is using customer data for ad tracking without following the same rules it imposes on competitors via App Tracking Transparency.
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Hightouch Offers Identity Resolution and Raises $38 Million

July 28, 2023
Hightouch spent years claiming most companies could use their existing data warehouse and Hightouch’s reverse ETL platform instead of a CDP. They’ve just launched a toolkit for identity resolution, a CDP requirement that Hightouch now acknowledges is missing from most warehouse designs. They also announced $38 million in new funding, which may help them grow again: according to LinkedIn, their headcount shrank by 4% in the past six months.
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