Hopin Buys ‘Attendee Data Platform’ Attendify

Fast-growing event management platform Hopin is buying Attendify, which provides an “attendee data platform” to support CRM and marketing functions including email campaigns.  It’s (at least) the fifth acquisition Hopin has made this year.

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The Trade Desk Launches Ad Platform for Post-Cookie World

July 8, 2021

Adtech developer The Trade Desk has launched a new trading platform aimed at dealing with the post-cookie ad world. The new platform includes onboarding for advertisers’ first-party data, support for non-cookie IDs such as Unified ID 2.0, support for addressable TV ads, and a measurement marketplace to incorporate data from retailers and other offsite sources. The Trade Desk also announced a new venture capital arm to invest in other adtech firms.

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BigTech Pushes Back (Gently) Against Hong Kong Data Rules

July 7, 2021

Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other big tech players are pushing back against Hong Kong’s new data protection law, asking for clarifications in rules that could criminalize publishing personal data.  A June 25 letter from the Asia Internet Coalition said the companies might “refrain from investing and offering their services in Hong Kong” but later discussions made clear this is unlikely.

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Amazon Offers More Options for Creating Brand-Tailored Coupons

April 12, 2024

Discounts are becoming ever more important in the digital commerce space and Amazon has responded by enabling the creation of percentage or flat-rate discount coupons for tailored audiences. Brands will be able to target repeat customers, high-spend customers, recent customers or cart-abandoners. Additional audiences, such as promising customers and at-risk customers will be available in the U.S. only.

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