IBM and Influential Help Find Brand-Safe Influencers

Influencer marketing is particularly attractive in a social-media-dominated world, but it’s hard to influencers who won’t misbehave. IBM and Influential are here to help with an AI-based solution that analyzes influencer posts to find who’s brand-safe. It also marries offline purchases with online behaviors to measure campaign results.

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Tapad and Reveal Mobile Partner to Expand Location-Based Advertising

August 5, 2020

I guess there’s some irony in talking about location tracking at a time when much of the country is rarely leaving home. But the pandemic shall pass and when it does, marketers will be eager to connect the dots between advertising and in-store customer behaviors. Which brings us to this announcement that location-based ad and attribution vendor Reveal Mobile is partnering with Tapad, which will help them to measure retail foot traffic and target store visitors (and their households) across devices.

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