Imaginary Products Lead CDP Market: Advertiser Perceptions Survey

Roughly half of ad buyers said they were using CDPs from Salesforce (62%), Oracle (45%), and Adobe (42%) before those products were released, according to research firm Advertiser Perceptions. I couldn’t find a copy of the study but Ad Exchanger says the author blamed the bizarre result on confusion about the definition of CDP.  It’s a testimony to brand power and reminder to treat survey results with caution.

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Clear Channel Outdoor Lets Advertisers Match Customer Lists with Outdoor Ad Viewers

June 20, 2019

Clear Channel Outdoor has more than 450,000 outdoor displays worldwide. At least some of those track nearby mobile devices, which lets the company profile ad audiences, measure campaign impact, and cross-target ads. The company is now letting advertisers upload their own customer data to its system to allow even richer analysis. Plenty of individual-level data here although it’s technically anonymous.

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