In Brief: Google’s Bard AI chatbot has been found to generate misinformation in beta

The new chatbot, rolled out to select users late March, is slated for incorporation into Google products in the coming months. But the Center for Digital Hate found it generating 100 false and potentially harmful narratives, including on climate, Covid-19, LGBTQ+, antisemitism, and racism.

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In Brief: “Your car, your problem,” seems to be the view at Tesla when it comes to data protection rules and their built-in cameras

April 11, 2023

Responding to a cease-and-desist order in Germany resulting from a lawsuit, Tesla advertising there will warn that its ‘sentry mode,’ records a car’s surroundings and may risk infringing on data privacy laws. But that leaves to the consumer the job of turning the car camera on & off in public spaces, so it doesn’t infringe on someone’s privacy.

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