It’s Q1 2022 and non-compliance is rampant

Privacy management company, CYTRIO research alarmingly found only a small fraction of B2B and B2C companies in full compliance with CCPA and GDPR. This despite mounting fines against those who don’t comply with the regulations – and, in California, the additional requirements that will come in 2023 when CPRA comes into effect along with a 12-month lookback.

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Pop culture and malware – a perfect diabolical match

May 3, 2022

Surfshark’s research of the most popular keywords in nine categories shows just how vulnerable we are. Most dangerous popular search term for malware – “Robert De Niro” at 54.1% results of potential malware). “Kate Winslet” came in at 52.6%, and the game, Mortal Combat, at 46.5%. Scarier still for some will be to learn that sweet film “Finding Dory” cruised in at 46.7%, and even Tom Hanks came in high at 51.6%. The report shows which terms are key targets – and how to stay safer.

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Children’s Privacy: BBB National Programs launches TAPP a roadmap to help business protect teen privacy

May 3, 2022

Teens fall outside the protective bounds of COPPA, the privacy legislation that protects children up to age 13 in the U.S. Yet, the 13-17 age group is a major consumer group that’s particularly vulnerable to risks and harms – and they’re a complex group to engage with. That’s why BBB National Programs’ Center for Industry Self-Regulation has stepped up with the TeenAge Privacy Program (TAPP), designed to help businesses manage teen data responsibly.

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