IT’S THE LAW (08/08/2023)

In a turn-around from last year, India’s Lower House of Parliament, the Lok Sabha, may now pass the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill. Ostensible purpose is to protect citizen privacy rights, though significant concerns are being raised about aspects of the legislation. The Editors Guild of India (EGI), for example, believes it may give the government power to censor and curtail press rights.

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New, fantastic, privacy assured WorldCoin cryptocurrency

August 8, 2023

Scan your eyeball, secure your identity everywhere in one easy step. Too good to be true? Well, WorldCoin, courtesy of Sam Altman, who gave us OpenAI and ChatGPT, may best be approached with caution and some skepticism. While 2 million users have forged ahead to be in his “real human database,” to prove via an eye-scan they are in fact individual people not bots or digital impersonators; an incident in Kenya may give pause. That's because police there confiscated WorldCoin data over concern about the company.

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New Apple App Store rules to crack down on API misuse

August 8, 2023

Apple is instituting new rules that will require app developers to explain why they need certain data, or if not justified, to stop collecting it. This is in response to developers using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to extract and exchange data via device signals, aka “fingerprinting,” which Apple doesn’t allow. The new requirement will go into effect this fall, and then in the spring apps and updates that don’t provide sufficient reasons will be rejected.

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