IT’S THE LAW (10/05/2021)

Hong Kong’s new law against doxxing (allowing public release of information identifying an individual) has raised concern from diverse groups. Human rights advocates fear it can be used to crack down on dissent and tech companies worry it may hinder business operations. The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance amendment bill gives Hong Kong’s privacy commissioner very broad powers and extra-territorial scope, including the ability to force internet providers to cease operations and it comes with as high penalty as a HK$1 million fine and five years in jail.

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81 orgs & cybersecurity experts ask Belgium not to loosen law enforcement data access

October 5, 2021

Members of the Global Encryption Coalition were among a large group that sent an Open Letter to Belgian Ministers requesting the maintain privacy protection for citizens against “back-door-access” to end-to-end encrypted data. The concern is that by allowing 3rd party access to law enforcement to access data of specific users, they would have access to the full data set weakening the system.

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US, UK, Canadian executives skeptical about government ability to mitigate breaches, more than half concealed breaches

October 5, 2021

Cyberattacks have been rising this year, and a new Arctic Wolf survey of more than 1,400 IT leaders at enterprise organizations reveals just how much. Thirty-two percent of organizations experienced a breach that exceeded six figures; 61% of business owners admitted to concealing a breach; and 74% of executives believe their security teams lack capacity and expertise needed.

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Amazon Offers More Options for Creating Brand-Tailored Coupons

April 12, 2024

Discounts are becoming ever more important in the digital commerce space and Amazon has responded by enabling the creation of percentage or flat-rate discount coupons for tailored audiences. Brands will be able to target repeat customers, high-spend customers, recent customers or cart-abandoners. Additional audiences, such as promising customers and at-risk customers will be available in the U.S. only.

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