Klear Measures Earned Media Value of Influencer Campaigns

Nothing is murkier than influencer marketing. Klear, an influencer marketing platform, says it can fix this with a newly-announced feature to estimate campaign ROI by calculating Earned Media Value – that is, the how much it would cost to buy the same amount of coverage in paid media (a.k.a. advertising). Not everyone agrees that EMV is a valid approach.

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CDPs Deployed at 20% of Companies: ActionIQ Survey

June 6, 2019

We reported last week on an Oracle survey that found CDPs were ecommerce companies’ the top investment priority, news that’s delightful if unlikely to be correct. This survey from ActionIQ and Ascendant Network found 20% of companies have a CDP, compared with 82% having CRM, 57% having a data lake or warehouse, and 54% having a DMP. Much more realistic. Worth reading for details on what data companies use, how long they keep it, how well they coordinate across channels.

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Apple Adds Privacy-Protecting App Sign-in

June 4, 2019

Apple gathers plenty of consumer data but is more stingy about sharing it. They’re extending their privacy story with an iPhone option that hides users’ email addresses from app developers. You have to sign in using your Apple ID but Apple promises they won’t use that to profile users or track activity in apps. Cynics will note that Apple can do this because its business doesn’t depend on monetizing customer data. Maybe that’s the point.

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