Most Marketers Worry About Mobile Ad Fraud But Few Work to Block It: Forrester/AppsFlyer Study

It’s no accident that Magnetic’s description of their automated product includes fraud prevention. Ad fraud is a big problem. This Forrester study, sponsored by AppsFlyer, says mobile ad fraud is especially problematic because of mobile is growing so quickly and audience data is limited. While 92% of respondents said that mobile ad fraud prevention is a high or critical priority, just 19% had systematic fraud prevention in place.

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Ecrebo Adds POS Personalization Platform with Unified Data

January 15, 2018

Most of the news from NRF seemed to be about in-store systems – not especially surprising, but where were artificial intelligence or unified online/offline experience? Instead we have point of sale marketing specialist Ecrebo announcing a new platform to deliver targeted offers at checkout via printed receipts, digital receipts, or customer-facing screens. Ecrebo bases its targeting on a central database that combines transactions and other data from all channels, so it does look a bit like a CDP. Not that I’m obsessed.

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Marketers to Focus on Platforms Not Ad Channels in 2023: IAB Survey

November 29, 2022

This IAB study finds that connected TV and paid search are expected to be the fastest-growing ad channels next year, while linear TV and other traditional media continue to shrink.  More intriguing: marketers are focusing more investment on foundational tools like measurement and first party data, and less on specific ad channels.  Download for deep dives into retail media networks and the metaverse.

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