One-Quarter of Consumers Put Privacy First: Adobe Study

I’ll do a little cherry-picking of my own to note that an Adobe survey found 26% of consumers listed too-creepy personalization as the biggest annoyance with brand content and 28% said they’re not comfortable sharing any information with brands. So there’s certainly a privacy-sensitive segment of consumers out there. But they’re a distinct minority: 67% said it was important for messages to adjust to current location and 44% wanted content personalized to them as an individual. In any case, personalization is a side issue for most people: the most wanted features were content that displays well on their current device (75%) and is timely and relevant (60%). Lots more here on content preferences, consumption, and sharing.

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Monetate Adds Report to Explain AI Decisions

February 9, 2018

Personalization vendor Monetate also has an AI-related announcement: they’ve added reporting to clarify the basis for their AI’s personalization decisions. This is noteworthy because AI’s inability to explain itself is often a stumbling block to adoption. Specifically, Monetate will now show which data categories most influenced individual decisions – a technique that’s been used for years with non-AI predictive models but is still not common in AI. The same information helps marketers uncover new customer segments.

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