Plannuh Announces $4 Million Funding for Marketing Planning

Meanwhile, you gotta love a planning software company that names its product Plannuh, especially when they’re from Boston. They just raised $4 million for their system to gather all those marketing plans, budgets, and expenses into place. There’s some AI-based analytics but they talk more about reducing waste.

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Quintesse Offers Contextual Targeting as Cookie Substitute

February 7, 2020

Even the most tech-savvy marketers are puzzled about the impact of privacy changes. One result – or maybe it’s a cause – is vendors who position barely-related technology as “pro-privacy” solutions. Case in point: Quintesse describes its natural language processing system for understanding the content of Web pages as an alternative to third party cookies. Their pitch is if you can’t target individuals with cookie-based profiles, you can target on page content instead. It’s a tenuous connection at best.

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