Sastrify Raises $7 Million for SaaS Procurement

Sastrify covers a mere 20,000+ solutions in its SaaS procurement platform. They offer a range of services to help small and mid-size companies catalog, track, select, buy, and monitor SaaS systems. Their news today is a $7 million seed round.

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Iterate.ia Reaches 10 Million Technologies Tracked

August 30, 2021

If you’re challenged by tracking 8,000 martech solutions, how would you feel about ten million? That’s how many technologies has just announced it now covers, up from nine million a few months back. The company uses an AI engine to spot trends and grade start-up companies. They also offer a low-code platform with 465 pre-built modules that lets users assemble their own apps. Interesting.

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CDPs Are Top MarTech Priority for Retail: CommerceNext Survey

August 27, 2021

Customer Data Platforms are the highest technology investment priority for traditional retail marketers, listed in the top 3 by 78% in this CommerceNext survey for Yotpo.  Digital-first retailers, who struggle less with tech in general, rated attribution, messaging, and new ecommerce models ahead of CDP.  The survey also covers business goals, privacy compliance, and other non-CDP topics if you have other interests.

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ArcSpan DMP Lets Publishers Monetize Visitors Without Cookies

June 1, 2023

A cookieless DMP?  Sounds crazy, no?  Yet here is our little village of…oh wait, sorry.  Too much musical theater.  What I meant to say is that ArcSpan calls itself a DMP but, unlike the traditional kind, builds and sells segments based on page contents and custom audience attention metrics.  This lets publishers charge more for impressions that are not tied to addressable individuals.  Radical!

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