SEMrush Creates Fully Automated Ad Campaigns in Ten Seconds

What about attracting those visitors in the first place? SEMrush has that down to a button-push: they just released Traffic Jet, which automatically creates, tests, and optimizes online ads across platforms including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Users just specify a URL category, target locations, and budget. Setting up a campaign takes ten seconds.

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One-Third of Large Retailers Have a CDP: Arm Treasure Data Study

April 1, 2020

One-third (31%) of $1 billion+ retailers have a CDP in place, according to this survey from Arm Treasure Data, WBR Insights and eTail. Another 46% plan to add one. The installed figure seems high but it apparently includes a large number of in-house systems: 51% of respondents had or wanted a custom CDP while just 31% wanted an off-the-shelf product. The remaining 18% hadn’t decided. More here on centralization, data quality, and data sources.

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Event Marketers Increase Integration with Other Systems: Bizzabo Survey

March 30, 2020

And for a bit of instant nostalgia: remember when we traveled to industry events and saw live people up close? Event tech vendor Bizzabo just published a survey about such craziness, finding that 85% of respondents considered events critical to success and nearly two-thirds planned to increase event budgets this year. One big trend was increased integration between event systems and CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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