SEMrush Creates Fully Automated Ad Campaigns in Ten Seconds

What about attracting those visitors in the first place? SEMrush has that down to a button-push: they just released Traffic Jet, which automatically creates, tests, and optimizes online ads across platforms including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Users just specify a URL category, target locations, and budget. Setting up a campaign takes ten seconds.

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One-Third of Large Retailers Have a CDP: Arm Treasure Data Study

April 1, 2020

One-third (31%) of $1 billion+ retailers have a CDP in place, according to this survey from Arm Treasure Data, WBR Insights and eTail. Another 46% plan to add one. The installed figure seems high but it apparently includes a large number of in-house systems: 51% of respondents had or wanted a custom CDP while just 31% wanted an off-the-shelf product. The remaining 18% hadn’t decided. More here on centralization, data quality, and data sources.

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Event Marketers Increase Integration with Other Systems: Bizzabo Survey

March 30, 2020

And for a bit of instant nostalgia: remember when we traveled to industry events and saw live people up close? Event tech vendor Bizzabo just published a survey about such craziness, finding that 85% of respondents considered events critical to success and nearly two-thirds planned to increase event budgets this year. One big trend was increased integration between event systems and CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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Bombora Offers B2B Ad Targeting and Personalization Based on Content Consumption

June 2, 2023

Bombora has launched Visitor Insights, a consent-based website tag that tracks the topics a device has consumed.   It infers intent, job function, management level, and other information that B2B publishers can use for ad targeting and personalization.  This Bombora report shows intent trends by industry: for example, media and advertising users show 70% more interest in Customer Data Platforms than they did last year.

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