SouthAfrica’s FoondaMate is helping students with limited internet study using WhatsApp, Messenger

Foondamate, launched in August 2020 is helping students with limited internet, study through WhatsApp. Basically, by sending a text to the FoondaMate’s number on WhatsApp you can search anything you are confused by, get help with maths, and download practice questions and memos.

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Ecommerce in region to continue growing in 2022

September 16, 2021

While last year may be remembered as one of the most volatile years for Latin America retail, it will also be regarded as the period when the region surpassed all others to become the world’s fastest-growing market. Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico today are in the top 5 countries across the globe with the highest levels of growth in ecommerce. This year, Latin America is predicted by many to continue its spot as the world’s fastest-growing regional retail ecommerce market, at its rate of 25.6% this past year.

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Nigerian Startup launches ‘Sabi’ to connect informal merchants with B2B companies

September 16, 2021

Nigerian Startup, Rensource, has created “Sabi” a B2B Marketplace that will connect informal merchants with leading service operators giving them the tools to manage and expand their businesses, and bringing these businesses online. Understanding that informal businesses drive the economies of many African countries, especially Nigeria, yet they are far behind when it comes to efficient logistics, supply chain management, business reporting tools, and access to finance, “Sabi” aims to gives these merchants access to the types of services that have previously only been accessible by formal businesses.

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