SpaceX’s Starlink forms India subsidiary, aims to deploy 200,000 active terminals by 2022

Starlink, part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, has registered its business in India and is preparing to apply for licenses from the local government, according to a top official. A local unit is required for an internet company to offer its services in India, where Starlink — assuming that it gets the license — plans to offer 200,000 active terminals in over 160,000 districts by December 2022.

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Middle East focused data-driven marketing platform, MEmob+, welcomes Near as new investor

November 4, 2021

Singapore-based Near acquired a minority stake in MEmob+, a leading Middle Eastern SaaS provider of data-driven marketing solutions owned by Dubai-based Akama Holding. Near will work with MEmob+ to continue its global expansion with a push into the Middle East and Africa. The company has access to billions of device IDs globally, including more than 400 million in MENA.

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Retail Rocket Raises $24 Million and Buys Sailplay to Enter U.S. Market

July 6, 2022

Netherlands-based retention management platform Retail Rocket just raised a $24 Million Series A, and immediately spent some of it to buy Sailplay, a New York-based marketing automation vendor that will grow its U.S. presence.  Retail Rocket builds unified customer profiles in a module it charmingly calls Data Warehouse, and has other modules for AI-driven personalization, segmentation, and campaign management.  The company has more than 1,000 global clients across Europe and South America.

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