TargetCircle and TapHeaven Merge to Create Unified Mobile Ad Platform

We might as well stick with mobile to the end. TargetCircle provides mobile marketing tools and a marketplace with more than 450 mobile ad channels. They just merged with TapHeaven, which offers an automated platform to manage and optimize mobile ad campaigns.

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Holistic Customer View is Marketers’ Top Challenge: Adobe Econsultancy Study

June 12, 2019

Maybe you don’t trust a CDP vendor’s survey about data integration. Well, Adobe is definitely not a CDP vendor and their recent Digital Trends Report by Econsultancy also found that building a holistic customer view is marketers’ top challenge (44%), followed by tracking marketing effectiveness (41%) and ensuring consistent experience (40%). Even more impressive: 32% of customer experience leaders had a highly integrated cloud-based technology stack compared with just 7% of non-leaders. More here about priorities, impact of data privacy rules, and other interesting topics.

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